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Your place of work is more than a place where people work – it’s where friendships are made, and where everyone learns to rely upon each other. So, when one of your own gets injured on the job, how you handle it can mean all the difference to your employees, and your business. It’s why so many businesses work with us.




Employers don’t have to do something wrong to be sued. Unfortunately, employers still end up paying substantial legal fees to defend themselves against allegations of wrongful termination and discrimination among other employment practices-related claims.  You can face allegations from temporary employees, seasonal workers, and even independent contractors.

Your surety needs are handled by representatives and managers who specialize in such accounts. We have a specialized surety staff to respond to your needs. This specialization enables us to insure that bond needs are handled quickly and efficiently. These efforts are supported by office staff focused solely on commercial surety business.

Your employees are one of your most important resources. Recruiting and retaining talented employees requires benefit offerings that address their real goals, dreams, and concerns. Keep company costs under control while offering your employees quality coverage at affordable group rates.

Now, one policy can help protect your business from occurrences like fire, theft, and storm damages, as well as lawsuits, and legal damages.  We can bring together two vital coverage's: Property and General Liability Insurance. Combining both types of coverage's not only makes protecting your business simpler; it may be less expensive too.



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Business risk management means more than finding and insurance option.  Considering the whole picture helps us to build a comprehensive plan that includes an array of products or services.  

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